Gear wheels used in gearboxes have different characteristics. When selecting a gear unit, users should consider these different features. In order to make the most appropriate selection, the knowledge of the project specialists can be used.


Gear types used in gear units:

1. Helical Head Gear Wheels
2. Worm Gear Drives
3. Conical Helical Gear Wheels

Features of Helical Gear Reducers:

The gears operate on a rolling basis.
The input shaft and output shaft are in the same direction.
They can work in any desired location.
They have a monoblock body.
They work quietly and without vibration, long life
They are highly efficient, about 97% - 98%
They do not heat above the operating temperature in normal loads.

Design of the project managers who are expert in their field

all the drawbacks are taken into consideration in the design of pedestal and flanged frame. The frames are produced in accordance with DIN 1691 GG 22 norm and the axes and bearing housings are machined with high precision in suitable tolerances. Gearboxes and shafts used in gearbox life and strength calculations DIN and Prof.Dr. It is made according to Niemann standards. In all of the gear profiles, the optimization of the gear life (optimization of the profile) is made. As a result of heat treatment, the threaded profiles are machined with precision to meet DIN 6 quality. From bed distances to wedge sizes and tolerances, every process is meticulously done.