Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Redüktörümün garanti kapsamı nedir?

• Gearboxes and motorized gearboxes are guaranteed for two years except for electric motors. Please refer to the manufacturer's warranty certificate or the owner's manual for the motor warranty. This warranty applies if the gear unit is installed and operated as described in this manual and the product is used within the permissible limits specified in the catalog.
• The warranty period starts from the commissioning date of the warranty document and takes two years. The total warranty period is limited to 27 months from the invoice date if the commissioning date is more than three months. In the event that the warranty certificate has not been filled in and received by us after commissioning, the total warranty period is 24 months from the invoice date.
• During the warranty period, the period for maintenance, repair or replacement will be added to the warranty period. This additional warranty period is the period from the day the problem is transmitted to the firm, the problem is resolved and the product is put back into operation.
• If the product malfunctions or fails due to manufacturing or assembly faults during the warranty period, the product is repaired free of charge.
• If the product fails or fails to be repaired due to manufacturing and assembly errors during the warranty period, the product will be replaced free of charge, according to the report that the service department cannot be repaired.
• Customers should inform the manufacturer of any problems after service or repair.
• This warranty does not cover damages such as plant cessation, physical or mental injuries on the customer side where the product is used, except the product itself.

2 - Teknik resim indiremiyorum ne yapmalıyım?

If you are unable to download the technical picture you are looking for, please contact us at

3 - Teslim süresini etkileyen unsurlar nelerdir?

One of the most important factors affecting the delivery time is the additional features made out of standard products. Apart from this, it should be ordered according to stock status. Disruptions that may occur in parts that need to be supplied from outside are taken into consideration when determining delivery time.

4 - Servis faktörü birin altında olan redüktör kullanmalı mıyım?

According to the application, if the working conditions are determined well, the service factor can be selected below one. However, the service factor must not be less than 0.8. If this is the case, please consult us.

5 - Montaj pozisyonu sipariş verirken ne kadar önemli?

The mounting position is of vital importance in terms of oil quantity and level. Depending on the mounting position, additional equipment can be used for lubrication. Our customers should choose the right mounting position according to the location in their machines.

6 - Hangi tip redüktör benim kullanım alanıma daha uygun?

Although there is no definite answer to this problem, sector specific solutions are available. The gear reducers, such as gear units, are closely related to the machine and the type of installation to which the most suitable gear reducer is to be connected in general industrial applications. Select the appropriate gear unit according to the selection criteria specified in the catalog. Support can be obtained from the sales department.

7 - Teklif isteğime onay maili gelmedi, ne yapmalıyım?

Your request has not been processed before the confirmation e-mail is received. Please contact your sales representative.

8 - Soğutma seçeneklerini hangi durumlarda kullanmalıyım?

Cooling options can be used in accordance with the calculations made considering the environmental conditions, especially the type of gearboxes.

9 - Servis faktörünü etkileyen faktörler nelerdir?

Main Factors Affecting Service Factor:
• Daily working time
• Load class
• Stop on the clock
• Reducer drive type
• Other factors
Apart from the service factor, selection factors that affect the selection and thermal power calculation should not be ignored.

10 - Yağ miktarı ve cinsi redüktörün çalışmasında nasıl rol oynar?

According to the environmental conditions, working conditions and reducer structure, the amount and type of oil must be selected correctly. One of the points to note here is that different types and types of fat should not be mixed.

11 - Redüktörüm el değmeyecek kadar sıcak çalışıyor, normal mi?

The maximum surface temperature of the gear units is between 70 - 80 ° C. At these temperatures, the gear unit surface is too hot to touch. Especially the continuous running endless type, extruder type and planetary gearboxes operate at the upper heat limit.

12 - Redüktör Seçim programında kullanıcı girişi yapmak için ne yapmalıyım?

The input data for the gear unit selection program is provided by the drive unit. We have two different user profiles as dealers or corporate companies. Corporate companies may choose to offer their dealers through the system.

13 - Tahriksan Redüktör kullanarak rakiplerime ne gibi üstünlük sağlayabilirim?

• Rigidity and stability thanks to monoblock body structure
• The optimum solution thanks to the wide product range of the Driven Gearbox
    to offer
• Price advantage in equivalent products
• High gear quality
• Transparent order tracking and service

14 - Redüktör parçalarının üretim yerleri neresidir?

Housings, gears, shafts are manufactured in our factory in Turkey and under our quality assurance. Felts and bearings are of European origin.

16 - İhtiyacım olan motor gücü neye bağlıdır?

Motor power depends on the power and reducer efficiency of the machine. The output torque of the gear unit must not be below the required torque. The power of the machine is the responsibility of the machine designer. For some of the basic applications about the power account, the application program under the module on our site can be used.

17 - Redüktördeki kayıplar nelerdir?

The efficiency of the gear unit is determined by 4 losses.
     •  loss of oil agitation
     •  gear loss
     •  Bearing loss
     •  felt loss
For gear units with helical or bevel gears, these four losses result in a loss of efficiency of about 2% in a single stage. The average efficiency in the gear unit n is 0,98 ^ n. For example, the efficiency of the 3-stage gearbox is: 0.98 * 0.98 * 0.98 = 0.94.
Output torques given in the catalogs are given considering all the losses mentioned above.

18 - Dişli kalitesi neyi ifade ediyor?

Indicates the real evolution of the gear, helical and step values with the theoretical values determined in DIN3961. Gear quality is defined from 1 to 12 according to DIN norm. 1 is the highest quality 12 is the lowest quality. The required quality for gears used in the gear units is 6.

The limit of our production is 6th grade. Thanks to the high technology grinding machines, better quality is produced.

19 - Sonsuz redüktörlerde neden bronz dişli malzemesi tercih ediyor?

It is produced from endless screw cementation steel (21NiCrMo2), impeller gear bronze (Gz12SnCuNi) alloy.

In the worm gearboxes, the gears slid one on the other and have less efficiency than the other gearboxes. Therefore, when selecting gear materials, a pair of materials with high strength values and the lowest friction coefficient is selected.

The friction coefficient between the steel / bronze materials is much lower than the friction coefficient between steel / steel or steel / cast materials. This results in higher efficiency.

20 - Ne tür döküm yöntemi kullanılıyor?

The body and flanges produced from Pik (GG20-22) and ductile iron (GGG40) materials are produced by sand mold casting method. Casting is done by automatic molding machine. Aluminum parts are produced by aluminum infection method.

21 - Redüktörlere ne gibi testler uyguluyorsunuz?

Control and tests are carried out at each stage of the manufacture of the gear unit.

After the supply of material; Material spectral analysis, tensile test

After casting process; spectral analysis

After heat treatment: hardness and hardness depth measurement

Gear and body; Geometric measurements with 3-dimensional measuring benches

In the final check; gearbox output speed, motor voltage and current controls

22 - Redüktör parçalarını hangi norma göre imal ediyorsunuz?

Reducer manufacture is not done according to a single norm. Each piece has its own norm. For example; wedge norm DIN6885, puller hole as DIN332.

Manufacturing is followed according to ISO9001.

23 - Hangi yağ kullanılıyor? Bakım zamanları ve değiştirme zamanları nelerdir?

We use mineral oil in helical and helical-bevel gearboxes in planetary and infinite gear units. The oil change interval for synthetic oil is 20,000 hours and 10,000 hours for mineral oil.

Synthetic lubricants are preferred in gearboxes with low efficiency. The reason for this is that the oil viscosity index of synthetic oils is higher than that of mineral oils. So at high temperatures the viscosity does not fall much. Therefore, the maximum permissible oil temperature in synthetic oils is 90 degrees and 70 degrees in mineral oils.

24 - Neden düz dişli yerine helisel dişli kullanılıyor?

Helical gears have a higher clutch ratio than the spur gear, and have a higher torque and operate quieter.

25 - Tahriksan Redüktör firmasının sitesini kim yapmıştır ?

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